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The Unconventional Thinking
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Conventional companies typically try and leverage a single competitive advantage to stand out from their competitors. That used to work. . . but in today’s hyper-competitive and technology-driven world, a single competitive advantage can be overcome quickly. Dominant companies have advantages across multiple fronts and constantly tweak and improve upon those advantages, so they are less likely to be “disrupted.” For sports enthusiasts, it’s the equivalent of a football team having a great defense but average offense and special teams. You’ll win games with a great defense or great offense, but balanced teams or those great on both sides of the ball have much higher chances of winning championships.

Many companies talk about placing the customer first or being customer-centric, but typically these words are hollow as their culture and business practices are inwardly driven to reduce costs, increase sales, become more efficient and constantly improve the bottom line. Dominant companies are obsessive about customers and place the customer at the center of everything. They then engineer backward to save customers time, effort, and money, while still providing the very best user experience. Dominant companies do not trade-off one feature for another. Yes, it’s a hard change to implement. For example, dominant companies don’t provide an exceptional user experience and then say the customer is going to have to pay a premium for that exceptional service.

Finally, you’ll receive a real, mathematical formula to establish a manageable and measurable KPI. While conventional companies focus on their profit and loss statements, dominant companies add measurable indicators on customer sentiment and behavior. They track those and make them one of the most important discussion points in meetings. They don’t ignore their profit and loss statements, but understand the very source for profit and loss is tied to the actions of their customers.

Dominant companies continuously invest in their efforts to improve the customer experience, reduce amount of time it takes a customer to engage them, make it easier (and with less effort) to do business with them, and use technology to become more efficient to pass along lower costs. They know that without a constant focus on improving customer interactions, they risk their dominant position.

Praise for the Book

“I started Fastest Labs of St. Louis based on the logic in Jim’s writings. We conduct accurate tests in a clean, fast environment that gives our clients peace of mind. We are easy to engage with because they never need an appointment; we will have them in and out in 15 minutes.  Our pricing is transparent, we will always meet or beat or competitor. In most cases, customers will have their results before they leave our office. We will DOMINANT our market because our entire focus is on customer experience.”
  Chris Hric
  President and CEO
  Fastest Labs of St. Louis

“I remember the first time I heard about Jim Bramlett’s formula for domination. It was a bit of a jaw-drop moment. One of those times when you find yourself thinking, ‘Why have I never heard this before? Why did I not see this myself?’ The formula is obvious once you see it. It is simple enough that any business can employ it. It is transformational if you will implement it.”
  Preston Bowman
  Founder and Chief Coach
  Tailwind Business Strategies & Stone Creek Consulting

“Jim Bramlett understands business and he understands it from the point of view of the customer. In ‘The Unconventional Thinking of Dominant Companies’ he wrote this nugget of wisdom: ‘There are so many little things that ultimately add up to big things.’ On that he and I agree! I have observed Jim’s career over the years and have long admired the way he approaches business. I have seen his success time and time again. And so, I use his book as reference in my university courses. I have had him guest lecture my students, even the ones in mainland China! Read what he writes. Listens when he talks. You will be glad you did.”
  Tom Edwards
  Professor of Business
  Ottawa University

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But you can’t stop there. There is one final puzzle piece that absolutely must be in place before your company is considered a dominant company.


From the top down, learn the one things that should be your company’s priority and goal in order to dominate.


Get the mathematical formula that can help your company leapfrog over competition on your way to dominating in your space.


Take an in-depth look at companies like Amazon, Netflix and Google to get an idea of why they dominate their markets.


No longer should your meetings be a waste of time discussing the things that can’t truly set you apart from your competition. Learn to discuss what matters most.


You can, in fact, be a great – even dominant – company. You just need to know the unconventional thinking of dominant companies!

The Unconventional Thinking
of Dominant Companies
Get the Book Now!